Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thanks to my friend in Sweden we have a title ...thank you.

My friend in Sweden may be a hoooman but she has my best interest at heart.  I wanted to insert a picture of my smiling but I am too much of a god to smile for mere hooomans.  So I sent my assistant Merlin out to get a picture - Merlin is a silly girl cat and came back with this one.

It is so true - cats only smile at hooomans when they want to confuse them and manipulate them into doing something.

I like yawning at my hoooman - that way I can show her all my teeth, a small warning of what us cats are capable of.

I think that hoooman wants to go and read her newspaper - she usually falls asleep half way through - so we are going upstairs (she reads in bed ! ? ! ) via the cat food sweetie jar.  We will probably be back later as she never sleeps for very long.

Bye minions


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swede said...

Aww Frankie you're a real softie when it comes right down to it aren't you...! I'm glad to have been of... erm ...servitude to you. And yes you are quite right: I may be a hoooman. Not sure;)