Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My cousin Maru

It's me again.

It is dark outside so it is time to run around the flat with Merlin - it's best if we shout at each other and thud up and down the stairs.  This seems to wake hoooman up and she gets grumpy.  Are all hooomans grumpy or just ours?

This is a picture me with my supply of grass.  As you can see we live really high up in the sky.  The building across the road was built in 1700s and was a monastery for Carthusians prior to that (I think the are hooomans).  Hooomans live in it now, but the best bit is that the big spotlights at the front of the building make any fellow feline look H-U-G-E when they pass between the light and the building.  Makes a cat want to howl - and we do.  Hoooman says that we are not allowed to howl when its dark.  I dunno why.

Anyhow - hoooman is going to head upstairs and try and get some sleep (weird time of day to sleep, why can't she sleep during the day like civilised animals) and maybe even read her own mewspaper from Tuesday.

Before I go I must introduce you to my foreign cousin Maru.  Maru stays in Tokyo and is really famous, he is a Scottish Fold cat.

Enjoy Maru slaves.

Frankie de Tom Cat

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