Thursday, July 14, 2016

My name is Guinness

I have decided that Merlin and I have a duty to our fellow cats.  We have decided to give advice to other cats in matters that trouble them.  We would like to charge for this service - maybe in Catnip - but that will be a long term aim.

The first letter that we received was from this Irish rogue gentleman.  Princess Merlin loves him but then she is stupid.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My mum's a moron ...........

Yes, we are back. 

I must apologise for the blurry writing on this sign.  I asked hoooman to do the sign for me and left her to pick the pictures and the text.  She is a total moron and she has made so many mistakes.  I might bite her later to ensure that she knows that I am not impressed.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

CHRISTMAS EVE 2014......

 ... and tomorrow Santa Kitty will be out and about delivering present to all the kitties that have been good.

How do human's define 'good' - I suspect that it is different from the feline idea of being good.

Princess Merlin is good at biting and scratching, she is good at stomping over the computer keyboard when our human is busy typing.

I am pretty good at stripping paint off the woodwork in our house and taking stuffing out of the old armchair and the mattresses that stupid human seems to be collecting in the spare bedroom.

This is me lying on the bed I let human sleep in

This is Princess Stupid Merlin - she says that she is allowed to beat me up coz she is my sister.  She is just mean and nasty.

Human slave, Princess Stupid and I (Frankie the incredibly handsome, intelligent and brave tom cat) wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.

I have decided to post a nice Christmas video which shows little kittens singing.  Merlin cries when she hears it.

Merlin is wandering around looking for the stupid kittens - duh!

From 'Human' I hope you all have a good time at Christmas.  Frankie plans to keep writing his blog over the next year and he will help me write my book.  Merlin (she prefers her Auntie Alison to me) just plans on looking vague and stomping on the keyboard.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just passing..............

Hello, I have returned.  Actually I can't sleep and I woke the hoooman up so that she would feed me - she really wasn't too pleased but I am sure that she will forgive me.

Anyway now that we are up I thought that I would write a small blog entry then, maybe, do some prowling around.  Merlin looks like she could do with some exercise so I might ambush her and then chase her around the flat for a while.

I hope that you have a good day human - and be nice to us kitties. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

We are back . . . .

We have returned - (Frankie and Merlin (FRANkie merLIN)) and we still are on track to eradicate the human infestation on the planet and to install cats as the rulers - we will be gods again.

As you can see we have instructed our hoooman to produce little notes/signs, she is pretty slow at the moment but we will have her churning them out by the millions soon.

We will have to look into this Facebook thing and see if we can drum up some support for a revolution . . . 

We are off to ponder - and maybe have a catnap or two.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It'll soon be time for Santa Claws to come ........

Recently it was hoooman's birthday - don't know how old she is but she has to be at least 7 which is much older than Merlin and me.  She didn't know what she wanted for her birthday so Uncle Andrew sent these - and they were for US.  They are pure dead brilliant, but even better with Catnip sprinkled on them.

This is brilliant both for sleeping on and for sharpening your claws on.
This one is fun too - but it is hard to sleep on it.
Just a short post today just to make sure that all my fans know that I am still alive.  Been a bit wheezy with the old asthma but hoooman has been administering my inhalers morning and night - and lunch-time if she can catch me.

She worries about me (as she should) and worries that she can't cope with looking after us.  Stupid hoooman has only to supply food, catnip, toys, treats and my (expensive) inhalers.  I don't know what she is so damned anxious about - every day I have to plan another step of the massive feline plan towards world domination.

Princess Merlin is watching you ................

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME (and Merlin)

Today it is my our birthday - Merlin and me are six today. 


Since Merlin is a girl (but not a 'lady') I have picked a nice pink and girly picture for her.

I get called "You little B*****d" sometimes and hoooman says that we are "Bad" other times.  I admit that she might call me these nasty names more than she does Merlin - but Merlin is Miss Goody Two Paws and she is b-o-r-i-n-g.
I look too handsome to be a bad cat.