Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby kitties are cuter than baby hooomans

Even I found this video clip cute - and I am a boy cat.


The world is my litter tray ............................


Most hooomans seem to be of the opinion that cats can't understand or speak the hoooman language.  This is not so - we understand everything hooomans say but we just ignore most of it.

We are quite able to telepathically transmit replies to questions, random thoughts and whole conversations to our hooomans - alas they are just too stupid to receive the messages.  Some hooomans are smarter than others - one really brainy hoooman was a guy called Einstein.  He discovered stuff that most hooomans do not really understand.

Einstein said of his fellow man -
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Some cats REALLY hate stupid hooomans this is my cousin Cyril.

 I think that it is just about time for a little nap.  Hoooman looks tired too - might let her sleep on my bed (she thinks that it is her bed!)

Speak to you - my adoring fans later.

Frankie (and stupid Merlin - my sister)

We were thinking of getting a sign like this for outside the house.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Me and my pal Barack Obama

Hoooman tells us that some dude from the US is over and trying to prove that he is an Irish man.  Maybe he is - but I have no interest in politics.

However this guy (Barack Obama) is almost my twin - he is a little bit white and a little bit black and has huge lugs.

  Can YOU tell us apart? (I'm the handsome one.)

Merlin has arrived to tell me that we are about to be fed - can't miss a meal or hoooman will worry that I am ill.

....Yet they say that it is summer

It has been really windy here and so cold that we had to order hoooman to put the central heating back on.  She twittered on about us having fur coats but what has that to do with anything.

Hoooman (I think hoooman is a girl) says that Merlin and I are lazy - but we are not.  The big boy lions sleep most of the day - the girl lions do all the work.  I am doing only what my cousins do.  Merlin should be out chasing down food for me and checking that I am being pampered - but being a girl she is just awkward.

Anyway - it is now tomorrow and I am off to claim the major part of the family bed.  Hoooman says that she paid for it so she should have most of it - she is also much much bigger than me and Merlin but she doesn't have sharp claws and teeth.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stupid Hooomans

I have to apologise for not updating my blog last week - stupid Hoooman was hogging the computer all last week.  I sent Merlin in to try and separate hoooman from the keyboard

This is Merlin's idea of annoying hoooman.  She likes to swish her tail in hoooman's face.

Anyway Merlin's usual act of leaping onto the computer to annoy hoooman didn't work.

Hoooman goes out on a Monday afternoon and we get left to sleep in peace and quiet.  I barfed up a couple of times in the morning and again just after dinner - hoooman says it is because I eat too fast (she accused me of eating like a wolf and another time like a pig).  I eat like a Tom cat - coz that is what I am.

Hoooman has been trying to train bribe me to do this  - looks like too much work in exchange for a measly amount of cat treats.  Maybe she should wait until the next time I am spaced out on catnip and then try again.  

Have a good week fans and minions.  I think that it is time for my little before lunch nap.

 Frankie   xxxxx