Monday, March 28, 2011

Abandoned and unloved

Another exciting (not) weekend has zoomed past and it is now a new week, today is Monday and will stay Monday for a couple of hours yet.

Hoooman works on a Monday and leaves Merlin and me alone for the afternoon.  Merlin meets the hoooman at the door and welcomes her home.  I have tried telling Merlin that she should ignore the hoooman for a period of time after her return to the house.  She is going to be impossible to train if she feels that we miss her when she is away.

Merlin and I share a scratch post.  It is falling apart but we will ask our uncle if he can get us a new one for our birthday in June.

I like this one - catnip is good stuff and makes me feel chilled and kittenish.  Hooomans should be able to use something like this.  Cats are allowed to use it coz we are Gods.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Climbing is good for cats

Today hoooman bought us a new toy, it is a climbing frame for Merlin and me (mainly me) to play on.  The last one broke as it was made of inferior materials.  This is a picture like our new one.

As you can see it is ace for climbing on and jumping off.  Hoooman insists on drying her wet clothes and stuff on it which is a bit of a pain.  I don't see why she doesn't dry her clothes on the exercise bike - it is not as if she actually uses it as a bike.

Bah - Hooomans are impossible to live with.

Bow down before me because I am your God ........

Hoooman has just noticed that it is actually tomorrow already.  What difference this actually makes to anybody I have no idea.

This is just a short entry to get me up and running - it is so difficult to allocate the required amount of time each day to write up a blog.  

Hoooman bought something called a laser pointer the other day.  She seemed to enjoy making the little red light shine on the bedroom wall, I felt that I should feign interest in the light.  After a while of chasing it around I got fed up and launched myself at Hoooman's hand and grabbed stuck my claws in just to get my message across - don't mess with the tom cat.

This is my sister Princess Merlin the stupid or just Slasher for short.  She has long hair because she is a girl cat - long haired and short tempered.  She is pretty thick too.

This is me - Frankie de Tom Cat.  I am a handsome brute of a cat, but my Hooman says that I have a nice personality - a big softy.  I have asthma but am really brave and take my inhaler three times a day - if the fat Hooman can catch me that is.

I hope that some other cats find my blog - I will need help to overthrow all the hooomans so that we can, once again, rule Earth as Gods.