Friday, March 25, 2011

Bow down before me because I am your God ........

Hoooman has just noticed that it is actually tomorrow already.  What difference this actually makes to anybody I have no idea.

This is just a short entry to get me up and running - it is so difficult to allocate the required amount of time each day to write up a blog.  

Hoooman bought something called a laser pointer the other day.  She seemed to enjoy making the little red light shine on the bedroom wall, I felt that I should feign interest in the light.  After a while of chasing it around I got fed up and launched myself at Hoooman's hand and grabbed stuck my claws in just to get my message across - don't mess with the tom cat.

This is my sister Princess Merlin the stupid or just Slasher for short.  She has long hair because she is a girl cat - long haired and short tempered.  She is pretty thick too.

This is me - Frankie de Tom Cat.  I am a handsome brute of a cat, but my Hooman says that I have a nice personality - a big softy.  I have asthma but am really brave and take my inhaler three times a day - if the fat Hooman can catch me that is.

I hope that some other cats find my blog - I will need help to overthrow all the hooomans so that we can, once again, rule Earth as Gods.

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