Monday, March 28, 2011

Abandoned and unloved

Another exciting (not) weekend has zoomed past and it is now a new week, today is Monday and will stay Monday for a couple of hours yet.

Hoooman works on a Monday and leaves Merlin and me alone for the afternoon.  Merlin meets the hoooman at the door and welcomes her home.  I have tried telling Merlin that she should ignore the hoooman for a period of time after her return to the house.  She is going to be impossible to train if she feels that we miss her when she is away.

Merlin and I share a scratch post.  It is falling apart but we will ask our uncle if he can get us a new one for our birthday in June.

I like this one - catnip is good stuff and makes me feel chilled and kittenish.  Hooomans should be able to use something like this.  Cats are allowed to use it coz we are Gods.

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