Wednesday, May 25, 2011

....Yet they say that it is summer

It has been really windy here and so cold that we had to order hoooman to put the central heating back on.  She twittered on about us having fur coats but what has that to do with anything.

Hoooman (I think hoooman is a girl) says that Merlin and I are lazy - but we are not.  The big boy lions sleep most of the day - the girl lions do all the work.  I am doing only what my cousins do.  Merlin should be out chasing down food for me and checking that I am being pampered - but being a girl she is just awkward.

Anyway - it is now tomorrow and I am off to claim the major part of the family bed.  Hoooman says that she paid for it so she should have most of it - she is also much much bigger than me and Merlin but she doesn't have sharp claws and teeth.

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