Thursday, September 29, 2011

It'll soon be time for Santa Claws to come ........

Recently it was hoooman's birthday - don't know how old she is but she has to be at least 7 which is much older than Merlin and me.  She didn't know what she wanted for her birthday so Uncle Andrew sent these - and they were for US.  They are pure dead brilliant, but even better with Catnip sprinkled on them.

This is brilliant both for sleeping on and for sharpening your claws on.
This one is fun too - but it is hard to sleep on it.
Just a short post today just to make sure that all my fans know that I am still alive.  Been a bit wheezy with the old asthma but hoooman has been administering my inhalers morning and night - and lunch-time if she can catch me.

She worries about me (as she should) and worries that she can't cope with looking after us.  Stupid hoooman has only to supply food, catnip, toys, treats and my (expensive) inhalers.  I don't know what she is so damned anxious about - every day I have to plan another step of the massive feline plan towards world domination.

Princess Merlin is watching you ................

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