Wednesday, December 24, 2014

CHRISTMAS EVE 2014......

 ... and tomorrow Santa Kitty will be out and about delivering present to all the kitties that have been good.

How do human's define 'good' - I suspect that it is different from the feline idea of being good.

Princess Merlin is good at biting and scratching, she is good at stomping over the computer keyboard when our human is busy typing.

I am pretty good at stripping paint off the woodwork in our house and taking stuffing out of the old armchair and the mattresses that stupid human seems to be collecting in the spare bedroom.

This is me lying on the bed I let human sleep in

This is Princess Stupid Merlin - she says that she is allowed to beat me up coz she is my sister.  She is just mean and nasty.

Human slave, Princess Stupid and I (Frankie the incredibly handsome, intelligent and brave tom cat) wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.

I have decided to post a nice Christmas video which shows little kittens singing.  Merlin cries when she hears it.

Merlin is wandering around looking for the stupid kittens - duh!

From 'Human' I hope you all have a good time at Christmas.  Frankie plans to keep writing his blog over the next year and he will help me write my book.  Merlin (she prefers her Auntie Alison to me) just plans on looking vague and stomping on the keyboard.


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