Friday, June 03, 2011

Training hooomans is hard work

What is it with hooomans?  They sleep all night and move around annoying us felines during the day.  You would think that in all the years that we have attempted to domesticate them they would have evolved a little.  
My hoooman is currently being trained - we allow her to go to sleep just before midnight and then wake her at a random time between two and four in the morning.   But hooomans are pretty stupid animals and it is going to take years to train this one.

This is very cute looking kitten - Merlin and I were never as small as that.

This is another of my cousins.  Cousin Cyril may need a  machine gun but this is Cousin Nigel .
Thankfully we have never met.

All of us are Tigers at heart.  Look at the gnashers on cousin Cedric.

So next time you see a cute little kitten remember Cousin Nigel and Cousin Cedric.
Come to think of it my sister Merlin is pretty darn scary too.

She only looks innocent - you should see the size of her big , hairy paws.  She can punch me into orbit without any effort.  And she knows how to use her claws.  

I am off to train hoooman further on the concept of feeding on demand.
Frankie de Tom Cat

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