Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stupid Hooomans

I have to apologise for not updating my blog last week - stupid Hoooman was hogging the computer all last week.  I sent Merlin in to try and separate hoooman from the keyboard

This is Merlin's idea of annoying hoooman.  She likes to swish her tail in hoooman's face.

Anyway Merlin's usual act of leaping onto the computer to annoy hoooman didn't work.

Hoooman goes out on a Monday afternoon and we get left to sleep in peace and quiet.  I barfed up a couple of times in the morning and again just after dinner - hoooman says it is because I eat too fast (she accused me of eating like a wolf and another time like a pig).  I eat like a Tom cat - coz that is what I am.

Hoooman has been trying to train bribe me to do this  - looks like too much work in exchange for a measly amount of cat treats.  Maybe she should wait until the next time I am spaced out on catnip and then try again.  

Have a good week fans and minions.  I think that it is time for my little before lunch nap.

 Frankie   xxxxx 

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